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HEPA filter:

The full form of HEPA exemplifies High-efficiency particulate air. It’s the first line of contamination control in Atmospheric water generators. The use of HEPA filters will capture those toxins which may lead to the alleviation of allergies. A HEPA filter is a kind of mechanical air filter that works by forcing air into a fine mesh that traps damaging pollens, animal dander, grime mites, and smoke.

Post Carbon Filter:

It improves the clean water process by incorporating the nutrients needed to grow properly. The filter contributes healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium to many other minerals needed for proper human development. See more details of Post Carbon Details.

UF Membrane Filter:

Ultrafiltration (UF Membrane Filter) utilizes the natural pressure of domestic water to force water through a half-permeable membrane to eliminate pollutants. In comparison to reverse osmosis(RO), ultrafiltration preserves water minerals while bacteria, viruses, and parasites are flushed out.

Ultrafiltration is a membrane filtration process that acts as a barrier to clean water separating damaging bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. The water filter triggered by ultrafiltration pushes the water to a .02 micron membrane. Suspended particles too large to adhere to the outer membrane surface through the membrane. Only dissolved minerals and freshwater can cross through it.

Activated Carbon Filter:

Activated Carbon Filter is a process used for the removal of pollutants and impurities through chemical adsorption by means of an activated carbon surface. The large surface/pore structure of each grain of carbon enables the maximum possible exposure of pollutants to the active locations in the filter media. Just like the HEPA filter, it also traps 99.97% of 0.3 microns and larger particles and most of them, mainly spores. We provide the best quality Atmospheric Water Generator Accessories in Pakistan. What are you waiting for? Buy Atmospheric Water Generator Accessories from our website today!